Buying a new car can cost you way more than the repair cost, but at times, the situation can bring you to a point where you think whether you should count your losses and give up on trying to revive the car or not. This can be a hard decision to make, so that’s why I’m going to break it down for you a bit. Here are the pros and cons of repairing and buying a car. 

How has it affected you?

First of all, you shouldn’t only take the cost of the wear and tear into account, you should also consider the number of other times the car has needed repair and how has this issue affected your work schedule or social life. If you can recall several other instances, then yeah it really might be the time to say goodbye. It can be really frustrating to take public transport or have your wife drop you to and from work and the repair shop throughout all that traffic.Moreover, a new car will definitely be an added improvement, it has a higher value than your old car and is much safer with an improved system. Go here for more information about headlight repairs. 

Repairs that are okay

Some repairs are pretty common and you are bound to come across it at some point, items such as axle boot belts and brake rotors will definitely need some attention later on especially after driving around 90 000 miles. Things like oxygen sensor replacement and headlights restoration are pretty common and would require to be done less frequently through proper maintenance techniques.Usually, the check engine light in your car would glow in order to indicate that the oxygen sensor needs to be fixed, and this is bound to occur after driving for more than 100 000 miles. A yellow glow will be present in your headlight if there’s an issue with it. In general, have your car checked with a professional every year, a headlight restorer will be able to identify any issues with your car’s headlight in a glance.Keep in mind that even the major repairs are going to cost you so much less than the cost of a new car. A used car would probably be fine, but make sure that you get it properly evaluated, who knows when the issues with this car are going to surface. If you have been having the same issue repeatedly, then you should probably change your repairer. Consider your lifestyle too, maybe there’s something wrong in your house or workplace that’s causing the frequent repairs if the same issues start crawling up repeatedly, just look up online so that you can avoid the same potential issue in the next car.

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